Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Test presses have all been approved and these summer jamz will be on sale VERY VERY soon...

TIM013 - Hex Dispensers "One Less Ghost" b/w "I'm a Ghost"
Who else could fill the coveted release number 13 spot but the beloved Hex Dispensers? This ghoulish garage gang of musical maniacs switch it up this time around on this "ghost themed" single & offer up, of all things - a BALLAD?!?! "One Less Ghost" brings the soft & the loud in an exciting ode to one's fears & anxieties, and marks a great leap forward for the band's sound! For those of you screaming "They've gone soft!" - fear not - these bat-winged behemoths haven't lost their edge! The B-side "I'm A Ghost" rips & roars thru a cover of fellow Texans (and fellow gore-hounds) Occult Detective Club! As per usual, the first press of this single comes on randomly mixed colored vinyl, includes a download code, & is housed in the Trouble In Mind factory sleeve!

TIM014 - Night Beats "H-Bomb EP"
Night Beats currently hail from Seattle but as two of the three members are originally from Texas, it's not hard to pick out the influence of golden age TX psych idols such as the 13th Floor Elevators and Golden Dawn. This 4 song EP will melt your brain with it's mixture of druggy backbeats and blazing guitar work peppered with vocals that channel a screeching, howling Marc Bolan. They are fresh off of a slot at the Austin Psych Fest and we think you're going to be hearing a lot from these guys. As per usual, the first press of this single comes on randomly mixed colored vinyl, includes a download code, & is housed in the Trouble In Mind factory sleeve!

TIM015 - Sticks N Stones "Is It You?" b/w "Telling The Truth"
This follow up to their debut single on Dusty Medical picks up where that hot slab o' wax leaves off - hitting you square in the gut with two stabs of sharp pop perfection! A veritable Milwaukee "super-group' of sorts featuring Paul Kalfahs and Jon Heibler from Catholic Boys, & Natalie Clark from the Tears (and all three from the Tuff Bananas!), Sticks N Stones keeps it lean & mean, slicing off riffs from 70's & 80's Power Pop (and a nick or two from classic 60's bubblegum) with rapid-fire intensity calling to mind such great Midwestern bands as Cheap Trick, Shoes, & the Kind. "Is It You" is a spastic spark of self-examination & "Telling The Truth" is a pounding plea for the listener's trust - it ain't no lie!
The single comes housed in the Trouble In Mind factory sleeve, & first press comes on randomly mixed colored vinyl, & includes a download code!

TIM016 - Tropical Sleep "(Hadita) Girl With A Diamond Tooth" b/w "Bury My Body"
Don't know what you were doing in the summer of '08 but we were listening to The Pets LP 'Misdirection' on repeat, so it's very exciting for us to release the debut single from Dan Wood of The Pets' new band "Tropical Sleep." Tropical Sleep starts where the Pets left off - the same great vocal delivery and guitar work, but coaxes out a little more finesse & lotsa extra pop! "(Hadita) Girl With A Diamond Tooth" is a stomping serenade to an orally bejewelled siren, while "Bury My Body" is a more laid-back love letter to someone close! As per usual, the first press of this single comes on randomly mixed colored vinyl, includes a download code, & is housed in the Trouble In Mind factory sleeve!

When this batch officially goes on sale we will offer free shipping for the first 24 hours or 100 batches sold. If you aren't already on the mailing list email: troubleinmindrecs(at)gmail.com and you'll be the first to know when we put them on sale.


Monday, June 7, 2010


Athens, OH's WHEELS ON FIRE (a.k.a TIM006) is ON TOUR NOW throughout the Continental United States! Check out the tour dates below & catch 'em in your town!!

Jun 7 High Noon Saloon w/ The Hussy!- Madison, WI
Jun 8 7th Street Entry w/ Chooglin'!! - Minneapolis, MN
Jun 9 Vaudeville Mews - Des Moines, Iowa
Jun 10 The Replay Lounge - Lawrence, Kansas
Jun 11 The Hi-Dive (Hullabaloo Fest!)- Denver, Colorado
Jun 12 Burt’s Tiki Lounge - Salt Lake City, Utah, US
Jun 13 The Red Room - Boise, Idaho
Jun 14 The Comet - Seattle, WA
Jun 15 The East End - Portland, Oregon
Jun 16 Pissed Off Pete's - San Francisco, CA
Jun 17 The Redwood - Los Angeles, CA
Jun 18 The Redwood w/Gemma Ray - Los Angeles, CA
Jun 19 The Tin Can Ale House - San Diego, CA
Jun 20 O'Connells - San Diego, CA
Jun 22 The Prospector - Long Beach, CA
Jun 24 The Red Room - Tucson, AZ
Jun 26 Beerland - Austin, TX
Jun 28 Rubber Gloves - Denton, TX
Jul 1 TBA - Oxford, MS
Jul 15 Bruar Falls - Brooklyn, New York

All you Europeans watch out for a Euro Tour coming in the Fall!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

New NIGHT BEATS music video!

Seattle's Night Beats have just released a new video for "Shadows In The Night" off their upcoming Trouble In Mind 4-song EP! The band filmed it themselves with help from their friend Matthew Zavala while on tour this past Spring!

Check it out below & mark your calendars for the July 20th release date!!!


HOLLOWS play in Millennium Park for FREE! Opening for She & Him!

"Giggly with a post-band-practice high, the five members of Hollows roll into Ukrainian Village dive bar Stella’s late one Thursday evening. As they settle at the table with a round of icy PBRs, the group bursts into fits of laughter at the tail end of a story about underwear. “Going to practice is therapeutic,” laid-back bassist Emma Hospelhorn says. “This is corny, but I’ll turn up in a really shitty mood and come out totally happy.” Organist Maria Jenkins, a blond with a slash of shaved hair above her left ear, chips in: “We all genuinely like each other. I’ve never been in a band with this many girls, so it’s been interesting to see how the dynamic unfolds.”

Hollows formed in 2008 when Jenkins, 26, posted an ad on Craigslist. She had been gigging with local rockers Parsley Flakes but wound up with a bunch of songs that didn’t quite fit with that act’s synth-punk sound. When Hospelhorn, 29, a learning-sciences Ph.D. student and freelance flutist who also plays in New Millennium Orchestra, answered the online classified, the two hit it off. They brought on Chicago Symphony Orchestra employee and guitarist Megan Kasten, 29 (the group’s “most respectable” member, Hospelhorn says); quietly wry drummer Jason Davlantes, 22; and Hannah Harris, 26, a sprightly, curly-haired jazz vocalist and fine-art undergrad.

You might expect the sum of those parts to come out sounding something like Rush. But prog rock couldn’t be further from Hollows’ catchy, lo-fi 1960s sound. A darker version of bubbly girl groups, the quintet puts a modern spin on the beehives-and-switchblades vibe fashioned by the Shangri-Las, spiking the mix with stabs of organ and sinister lyrics about wayward loves and men whose postmortem body parts are packed in ice and shipped around the Midwest.

After gigging with Chicago garage pals like CoCoComa and the Alright Alreadies, the band hit up SXSW for the first time in March. “We ended up playing a house show immediately upon arrival at, like, 3am,” Davlantes says. Hospelhorn adds, “We didn’t even have time to stop at the place we were staying. We ended up changing our clothes and plugging in our flatirons at a Boston Market.”

Spontaneity is nothing new for the fivesome: “We’ve written lyrics in the car on the way to a show,” Hospelhorn says with a laugh. “I almost got in an accident because we were practicing them over and over.”

As Hollows gears up for its biggest gig yet—supporting actor Zooey Deschanel and indie icon M. Ward’s project, She & Him, at Pritzker Pavilion Monday 7—the gang is palpably anxious. “All of our parents are coming,” says Davlantes, who has a tattoo of a mystic pyramid on his right bicep. Jenkins, who recently graduated with an M.A. in women’s and gender studies from Roosevelt University, notes, “It’s more of a family environment. We’re not allowed to say any swear words onstage.” The band has a “no obscenity” clause in its contract and has been told it will be fined by the city if any cusses slip through the set.

“It shouldn’t be too much of an issue. We only have, like, two songs with swear words in them,” Harris says. “Jason says our songs sound like preschoolers should be dancing to them anyway.”

There are some big ideas being bandied about, something special to mark the occasion, but not all of them are practical: Hospelhorn says, “We were thinking of asking the Millennium Park Segway cops to roll back and forth while we play.” She sighs and drains the last of her beer. “But we might just have to settle on having a roller-derby sax player.”

Catch Hollows opening for She & Him at Millennium Park Monday 7. Hollows’ self-titled debut LP is out now on local imprint Addenda Records."

(We'd also like to add: and a smokin' 7-inch on Trouble In Mind too!)