Monday, July 26, 2010

The Night Beats are Coming to a Town Near You!

The new single has been blowing minds from coast to coast. Don't miss 'em when they come to your town!

July 23 - Seattle, Wa - CAPITOL HILL BLOCK PARTY
July 29 - Minneapolis, Mn - TURF CLUB
July 30 - Milwaukee, Wi - THE VAULT
...July 31 - Chicago, Il - THE EMPTY BOTTLE
Aug 1 - Chicago, Il - RECKLESS INSTORE
Aug 3 - Columbus, Oh - BOURBON ST
Aug 4 - Cleveland, Oh - HAPPY DOG
Aug 5 - Brooklyn, NY - UNION POOL
Aug 6 - New York City, NY - SEANCE HOUSE PARTY
Aug 7 - Boston, Ma - O' BRIENS
Aug 9 - New Haven, Ct - POPEYE'S GARAGE
Aug 10 - Philadelphia - Pa - SAILOR JERRY'S
Aug 12 - Baltimore, Ml - GOLDEN WEST
Aug 13 - Silver Spring, Md - QUARRY HOUSE
Aug 14 - Nashville, Tn - GLEN DANZIGS HOUSE
Aug 16 - Atlanta, Ga - THE EARL
Aug 17 - Memphis, Tn - (tim)
Aug 19 - New Orleans, La - THE CIRCLE BAR
Aug 21 - Houston, Tx - CONTINENTAL CLUB
Aug 22 - Austin, Tx - BEERLAND
Aug 23 - Austin, Tx - UFO sessions
Aug 24 - Dallas, Tx - THE PROPHET BAR
Aug 25 - Austin, Tx - UFO sessions
Aug 26 - Austin, Tx - UFO sessions
Aug 27 - Austin, Tx - 21ST ST COOP
Aug 39 - El Centro, Ca - BUJAH BAR PARTY
Sept 3 - Los Angeles, Ca - WAREHOUSE SHOW
Sept 4 - Hollywood, Ca - THE BODY OF CHRIST
Sept 5 - Los Angeles, Ca - ECHO CURIO
Sept 7 - Santa Cruz, CA - TBA
Sept 8 - San Francisco, Ca - THE HEMLOCK
Sept 9 - Oakland, Ca - DUNGEON SHOW

Tuesday, July 13, 2010



Summertime jamz are ready to ship! For your listening pleasure we present:

TIM013 - HEX DISPENSERS "One Less Ghost" b/w "I'm a Ghost" Who else could fill the coveted release number 13 spot but the beloved Hex Dispensers? This ghoulish garage gang of musical maniacs switch it up this time around on this "ghost themed" single & offer up, of all things - a BALLAD?!?! "One Less Ghost" brings the soft & the loud in an exciting ode to one's fears & anxieties, and marks a great leap forward for the band's sound! For those of you screaming "They've gone soft!" - fear not - these bat-winged behemoths haven't lost their edge! The B-side "I'm A Ghost" rips & roars thru a cover of fellow Texans (and fellow gore-hounds) Occult Detective Club! As per usual, the first press of this single comes on randomly mixed colored vinyl, includes a download code, & is housed in the Trouble In Mind factory sleeve!

TIM014 - NIGHT BEATS "H-Bomb EP" Night Beats currently hail from Seattle but as two of the three members are originally from Texas, it's not hard to pick out the influence of golden age TX psych idols such as the 13th Floor Elevators, Lost and Found and Golden Dawn. This 4 song EP will melt your brain with it's mixture of druggy backbeats and blazing guitar work peppered with vocals that channel a screeching, howling Marc Bolan. They are fresh off of a slot at the 2010 Austin Psych Fest and we think you're going to be hearing a lot from these guys (as well as a rumored recording project with members of The Black Angels.) As per usual, the first press of this single comes on randomly mixed colored vinyl, includes a download code, & is housed in the Trouble In Mind factory sleeve!

TIM015 - STICKS N STONES "Is It You?" b/w "Telling The Truth"
This follow up to their debut single on Dusty Medical picks up where that hot slab o' wax leaves off - hitting you square in the gut with two stabs of sharp pop perfection! A veritable Milwaukee "super-group' of sorts featuring Paul Kalfahs and Jon Heibler from Catholic Boys, & Natalie Clark from the Tears (and all three from the Tuff Bananas!), Sticks N Stones keeps it lean & mean, slicing off riffs from 70's & 80's Power Pop (and a nick or two from classic 60's bubblegum) with rapid-fire intensity calling to mind such great Midwestern bands as Cheap Trick, Shoes, & the Kind. "Is It You" is a spastic spark of self-examination & "Telling The Truth" is a pounding plea for the listener's trust - it ain't no lie!
The single comes housed in the Trouble In Mind factory sleeve, & first press comes on randomly mixed colored vinyl, & includes a download code!

TIM016 - TROPICAL SLEEP "(Hadita) Girl With A Diamond Tooth" b/w "Bury My Body"
Don't know what you were doing in the summer of '08 but we were listening to The Pets LP 'Misdirection' on repeat, so it's very exciting for us to release the debut single from Dan Wood of The Pets' new band "Tropical Sleep." Tropical Sleep starts where the Pets left off - the same great vocal delivery and guitar work, but coaxes out a little more finesse & lotsa extra pop! "(Hadita) Girl With A Diamond Tooth" is a stomping serenade to an orally bejewelled siren, while "Bury My Body" is a more laid-back love letter to someone close! As per usual, the first press of this single comes on randomly mixed colored vinyl, includes a download code, & is housed in the Trouble In Mind factory sleeve!

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- If you don't have a Paypal account email directly to make other arrangements
- If you missed any of our previous releases, you can add them - from now all records will be available via our website plus shipping.
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Friday, July 2, 2010

Hollows Summer Tour

Jul 7 2010 Now That's Class Cleveland, OH
Jul 8 2010 Gooski's Pittsburgh, PA
Jul 9 2010 Pianos NYC New York, NY
Jul 10 2010 Bruar Falls Brooklyn, NY
Jul 11 2010 Friendship Cove montreal, Quebec
Jul 12 2010 Babylon Ottawa, ON
Jul 13 2010 Parts & Labour Toronto, Ontario
Jul 14 2010 Lager House Detroit, MI
Jul 15 2010 The Strutt Kalamazoo, MI
Jul 16 2010 The Cage Grand Rapids, MI