Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tyler Jon Tyler Review From Buddyhead

Tyler Jon TylerS/T CassetteSelf-Released
So, I hate tapes, and I mean really hate them. It’s a stupid thing to put out in this day and age, but every now and then, someone puts out an all right tape. Nobunny did it earlier this year, and now Chicago’s Tyler Jon Tyler have done it. But we’re not going to talk about the tape; it’s really beside the point.
I’ve seen this band a few times, the first time at Spookie Dookie with the Yolks, then at the Empty Bottle with CoCoComa, and lastly at the Double Door with some bands I don’t remember as the Night Marchers showed up and we got drunk. Having seen them just about every chance I’ve had, I feel that you must know about them.
Like the aforementioned bands, Tyler Jon Tyler is part of the up-and-coming Chicago garage-pop explosion. When I saw them at Spookie Dookie, I was both drunk (1/3 a bottle of bulleit bourbon in my belly at the point, the rest of the bottle was gone by the time the Yolks finished), and totally enamored with their sound. Rebecca’s female-Lou-Reed vocals (I may or may not have yelled that at the show) are effective in the same way that Rick Froberg’s voice is effective; it also perfectly matches the sound of the band. Just listen to “Locked Out” on the band’s Myspace and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Their motto, “Pop Music for Floozies,” sums them up nicely. They might sing about Suicide Robots, but they keep things light with simple song structures and tunes that you can’t help but bob your head to.
With their current lineup, featuring all-around nice guy Tom from Daily Void, they’ve play only about 10 shows. Yet, with that handful of shows, they’ve managed to build quite a following, becoming something of a current favorite of the kids in the Chicago rock’n’roll world (making it onto the Pizza Fest lineup to boot).
There is a very simple sense of fun about the band. I feel much the same way about them as I did about the Smith Westerns last year, and look at how that turned out! Besides, Rebecca is from San Jose and was all about my old radio station, KSCU, so that’s some extra points. I’ll get around to interviewing the guys one of these days, but until then be sure to be on the lookout for them.
You can watch the first show here, and thanks to Acid Marshmallow for letting me post his video. Expect far more from this band in the next few months. They’ve signed to CoCoComa’s brand new label, Trouble In Mind, and should have something out soon.
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