Friday, November 13, 2009

New Trouble In Mind Singles NOW ON SALE!

We are super excited about our newest batch of singles and here is why:

TIM004: Charlie & The Moonhearts "Real Hot Breakers" b/w "My Love is Gone"Just love these Orange County kooks and with this single Mikal, Roland and Charlie have outdone themselves. "Real Hot Breakers" is one of our favorite songs this year... With the punk edge of their Wizard Mountain recordings this surf-inflected pop gem has 3-part harmonies & a chorus that'll melt your heart. This baby promises to stay in your head for days and will make you want to grab your surf board and hit the beach pronto!

TIM006: Wheels on Fire "Bad Lie" b/w "Come On Judy"Wheels on Fire are a great band that have records out on Big Legal Mess and have been covered by the likes of The River City Tanlines. We're psyched to get to put out this single that has TWO really fucking great tracks. Take a little Elvis Costello, pair it with some Reigning Sound and a dash of Stones and you may start to get the picture but, you won't understand the badass-ness 'til you take a listen... or 25.

TIM007: Tyler Jon Tyler "New England Street" b/w "Faster Than Light" We are proud to release the debut single by Chicago's own Tyler Jon Tyler. We can assure you that no other band going sounds like TJT. With a Pony that has traded his drums to play bass upside down, Tom from Daily Void's intricate drum patterns and "new comer" Rebecca's sparse guitar and thoughtful lyrics, their skeletal "less-is-more" sound brings to mind bands like The Clean, Young Marble Giants, & the Raincoats. These songs evoke a time and a place and demand your attention. (Not too mention Ian Adams' Stylophone wizardry on the B-Side)

TIM008: Ty Segall "My Sunshine" b/w "Fuzzy Cat"You may have heard Ty playing the excellent "My Sunshine" on his last tour and this track has the wunderkind getting in touch with his grunge-side (and we mean that in the most awesome way possible.) The B-Side "Fuzzy Cat" is a song with a secret (shh! we've said too much already) that indulges Segall's 'Anglo-philic' tendencies, channeling Roy Wood or Ray Davies' mad pop sensibilities thru his own hazy, reverb-drenched filter!

you can buy singles individually from out website plus shipping:

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