Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wax Museums and Bad Sports Hit the Road!

Eye Times, the newest effort from North Texas' lovable misfits The Wax Museums, is out now. Be sure to catch them with The Bad Sports.

July 28 - Ajax - Oxford, MS * w/ Unwed Teenage Mothers
July 29 - 529 - Atlanta, GA * w/ Brain Flannel, Wymyns Prysyn, Whatever Brains
July 31 - Glen Danzig's House - Nashville, TN *
Aug 1 - Bloomington, IN *
Aug 2 - Carabar - Columbus, OH * w/ Frustrations, Outer Spacist
August 3 - Lager House - Detroit, MI *w/ Terrible Twos
Aug 4 - Permanent Records Instore - Chicago, IL
Aug 4 - Cal's - Chicago, IL * w/ Daylight Robbery, Bacon II
Aug 5 - Bayview Brew Haus - Milwaukee, WI *w/ Heavy Times
Aug 6 - Hill Valley - Minneapolis, MN * w/ Sleaze, Pleasure Leftists, Cozy
Aug 7 - Replay Lounge - Lawrence, KS *
Aug 8 - Studded Bird - Kansas City, MO *w/ Mouthbreathers

w/ Bad Sports *

Praise for Wax Museums
Their idiot savant rock is wedged between Milo Aukerman's brilliant simplicity and The Spits savage brilliance. Their music celebrates all things simple, and 97% of the time, that turns out to be a good thing.
- Impose

The Wax Museums write fast, sloppy punk songs about any damned thing, chronicling summer's highs and lows with Ramones-esque bravado...the members of the Wax Museums are not anywhere near as stupid as they're pretending to be.
- Blurt

Full of bratty numbskull humor, Eye Times features an energetic band of fellas who run through the album’s 13 tracks as if they can’t wait to tackle the next song. That doesn’t mean attitude trumps form here, though, for Wax Museums’ impatient thrash ‘n bash rhythms hold together quite well, and they are supplemented by dramatic stops, the occasional heads-down mid-tempo groover, and some unexpected production touches
- Pop Matters

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