Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mikal Cronin S/T LP and Liminanas Tour Single Bundle Now On Sale!

Happy September everybody!
We've been looking forward to this day for quite a while. This fall batch may only be 2 records, but man, are they insanely great. You probably know the drill by now, for the next 24 hours (until 10am CST tomorrow) we are offering free domestic shipping and discounted international shipping. That being said, we have a limited number of Limiñanas singles (like 125 of them and they won't be going on the website) so first come first served. Round up 17.00 USA (30.00 International) and head over to Paypal. Our address is: troubleinmindrecs@gmail.com.

As usual, if you want to throw in a record that you may have missed you can do so with no added shipping. (FYI - we have exactly FIVE copies of The Paperhead "Focus In On... The Looking Glass" LPs left for sale - once it's gone, it's gone!). Without further ado, let's get to it!:


Conceived and recorded as a sort of therapy to help cope with adjusting to life post-college, an insuing break-up and geographic isolation Mikal Cronin steps momentarily away from the rhythm section of Orange County surf-punk bashers The Moonhearts with his debut solo LP. Fans can take heart, this isn’t a “vanity project” or half-baked endeavor - Mikal’s solo debut is fully realized, cohesive and beautiful, with themes that are as personal as they are universal; questioning your future, accepting your past and living in the moment. Taking influences such as late sixties Del Shannon and The Everly Brothers and filtering them through his own mutant California fuzz, Mikal deftly explores his singer/songwriter side that at moments feels like a punk Harry Nilsson or Curt Boettcher that balances sweet melodies & chords with chunky, psychedelic guitar freak-outs. Don’t let the opening Beach Boys-ian harmonies of “Is It Alright?” fool you into thinking this record can be easily pinned down... with long-time friend & collaborator Ty Segall producing, Eric Bauer (Ty Segall, Royal Baths) running the tape machine and guests like John Dwyer of The Oh-Sees, you can be positive you’re in for something special. Once those guitars kick in, and you hit that first transcendent chorus, you’ll be hooked and anxiously awaiting what comes next. The LP includes a download code & the first 500 copies are pressed on randomly mixed vinyl.

Trouble In Mind - er, we mean TIM Records is proud to present this limited vinyl single released for Perpignan, France’s Limiñanas’ 2011 Fall U.S. Tour. The A-side might be an ode/homage to yours truly called "(I've Got) Trouble In Mind", & could be this charming French combo’s catchiest tune yet! Pulsing with rhythm & some seductive lyrics (sung in French of course) that when translated seem to imply that these guys have some heavy things swirling around 'dans leur tête'! The B-side, "Je m'en vais" is the real head-turner here & marks an interesting twist in the band's sound - a frantic, almost Suicide-esque stomper with a driving beat & organ line that still sounds like The Limiñanas, but also sounds like nothing they've done before! This “tour edition” is a one-time pressing of 500 copies on black vinyl, & is brought to you by TIM Records (a division of Trouble In Mind Records, LLC).
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